Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day in Japan play: 3 pottery

This time I went to make pottery which is something that I wanted to try doing. Apparently my host family knew an old man who runs a pottery class where he teaches how to make pottery and people can freely go in and make something.

And these are the rotating disks that they mold the clay Just like I saw them on television. It can be operated by either the foot via pedal and hand via lever.

Here is the Clay in it's first form Didn't quite catch the elements

Earth style: mud wall!!!!....anyway The clay is then put on the rotating disk and by using your wet hands you mold it (gets a bit messy though). First technique you have to learn was making the clay high and low(currently high). I had vision-experience in the past so it wasn't that hard.

Managed to make four cups with the help of teacher(i failed two times). Couldn't capture pictures while making hands were all muddy. After making the main shape you dry it for a bit with a dryer and then you sculpt the stand of the cup. kinda felt like peeling a potato only the potato is rotating.

the bottom side of one of the cups with a finished stand

And my creations with help of teacher. All that is left is the baking and coloring, but first you have to put it in some liquid element which I think fills all the small holes.

An old lady making some plates.

The Oven where the pottery transforms into it's fifth form. I think my cups will be done in about a month or so. Until then.


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