Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day in Japan play: 2 Short trip to Tokyo

Last Sunday had the 2nd meeting hosted by hippo (my exchange company) in Tokyo(東京) with all the other exchange students in Japan. Supposed to meet in Sunday and return back the night but I managed to prolong my stay until Wednesday thanks to my host family who knew someone near Tokyo that was willing to host me and let me stay, even when they were already hosting another exchange student. Shinkansen(新幹線)
Big thanks to them.
It is very important to have a good relationship with your host family as good things will happen your experience in Japan will become more fun and your opportunity will broaden.

A quick Shell. This is all the videos I took there piled up.

You can find vending machines everywhere in Japan. From 1212meter high mountain tops to inside shinkansen trains. This was inside the Shinkansen train.But they were expensive than normal of course.

Love these toilet flushers....?. You don't have to touch any handles or buttons with disinfectants, just hold your hand infront of the black sensor to flush the toilet. But currently this is not in every public toilet, there are the normal ones too.

press the buttons to open close the door. No use standing infront of the door waiting and shouting "Open Sesami!". The *hazardous waste release place* door inside shinkansen

My first day walked around Harajuku(原宿) with two other exchange students from Mexico. Started raining -_-*. And everyone whipped out their droplet protectors. Lots of colors. o_o

But there were people who are strong against droplets (including me X] )

Lot's of colors and but the see through one is the most popular as you can easily buy it from conbini's (convenience store) when you get caught by surprise.

Interesting roof it has. I think it is a clothe store didn't check it out close. was right beside a tall building.

A Union church. I don't know well about churches but the design of this building was interesting. I

In some backstreets of Harajuku looking for the main street the Takeshita Dori =(street).Said to be the symbol of Harajuku and birthplace of some fashion trends.Now you know were to start if your a starting fashion designer. And we knew we were close we could feel it.

Closer. I remember watching NHK in Mongolia a fashion program was showing Harajuku and there were two rabbits making clothe designs, this might be that store because there are 2 rabbit masks showing and it had a 2 in it. G2?

One of the Exchange students was here before and said she knows the place. But sooner I ended up asking for directions.

Found the Back entrance to Takeshita Dori. No mistakes about it as you can see...

A narrow street packed with people and stores. There was also a lot of gaijin=(foreigner). Girl:Boy balance was about 70%:30%. rain stopped 5 minutes ago.

Inside one of the stores. The store layout was very different, kinda liked it though. Ask the Shop attendants first when you're capturing a picture inside. In some shops they forbid it.

Now if the shop attendants are dressed up fashionable like this it is hard for you to tell them apart from customers. luckily they yell Irashhyaimase!=(Welcome) when they see cutomers

This yellow mannequin is in fact a robot that moves when people enter or exit.Then again this mannequin of a robot is in fact a human that does robot dance so skillful that you can easily mistake it for a mannequin of a robot. It/He also poses when capturing a picture.

This is how the backs of stores and buildings look like.

Plenty of clothe, accessory and underwear stores.
Note* Never go to Harajuku with girls as you know what they will shop for. I'm not that interested in shopping for clothes .I separated from the girls after setting up a meeting point.

DEMO=(BUT!) then again clothes are at times interesting right @.@ .....

At the end of Takeshita Dori or the beginning, this is the entrance near Harajuku station which is right behind me. Harajuku Takeshita Dori is packed with clothe stores almost 90% of the stores are for clothes. If you're shopping for clothes then you can find some unique clothes here if you look carefully recommended

Some hotel or motel or stop by sign. Can't read the kanji on the top, but the second kanji is for occhya=(tea) also read as chya. Can't read the first one. This place has a powder room for the lady's it says.

Harajuku station. Didn't quite catch which exit this was gomen=(short version sorry)

Sometimes I bump into people wearing Kimono very nice. I'm guessing they're returning from a wedding ceremony or something. Kimonos are worn only on special occasions they said. Kimono(着物) literally means ki(着)=wear+mono(物)=thing> wearing thing, thing to wear.

I was on my way to Otsuka searching for a place. And on the way I found this lost stormtrooper being a mascot for this game, network, CG, anime, manga, web school. I am guessing he crash landed on earth and to survive in this hostile environment started doing arubaito=(part time job). Hope He understood when I tried telling him his comrade is in somewhere around Akihabara, Shinagawa or Meguro.

Found the place I was looking for in Otsuko. Now I'm in Iidabashi looking for another place.

Iidabashi kinda felt like San Francisco with streets going up. Interestingly there were a lot of French people going up'n'about here.

A big Private elementary school judging by the bag and seifuku=(sailor uniform or school unifrom) I'd like to go to a high school version school like that. If you get what I mean >.>

Now in Shibuya again looking for a place. Around in Shibuya stations North exit I think. Bad weather not so pretty. by the way found the place in Iidabashi.

Near Aoyama dori I think. Notice the baby's walking up the wall and alienlike statue. Don't exactly know what that building is but maybe something artistic.

You know when you're in Akihabara(秋葉原) when you have pillars with ads like these not only anime, the poster like images actually change every 5 secs showing the high-tech electric town part of Akihabara.

I traveled alone in Tokyo (except the harajuku part). and When the Train lines are like a cobweb It's quite hard for you to go from place to place. And all the places are written in Kanji.

Thankfully my host family saved me by printing out this English version of the cobweb. A few words of advice and my road was clear to me.
Again A good relationship with your host family is best. They could have ignored me but they helped they even lent my their pasmo train pass(a card you charge with money to easily enter/exit stations in Tokyo.)

A Tip for people getting lost in Tokyo: If your lost or think your getting lost find a Softbank or any big Electronics store near, just try walking around chances are high that you will bump into one. Go to the Cell phone part and find the iPhone that you can fiddle with usually they have a few for customers to play with. Use the iPhone map application and check your position etc.. This is how I found my way around Tokyo after reaching the train stations I also asked the local conbini's for direction.
If you have no Japanese skills then try to learn how to change the language on the iPhone before you start your journey.

This ends my 4 day 3 night trip in Tokyo. Weather and a few things were against me. It rained and snowed when I was there and cleared on my last day -_-* .I guess I used up my LP(Luck power) when I prolonged my stay here. It's gradually charging now.

Can't go back empty handed now can I. Muahahaha


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