Sunday, February 14, 2010

What National holiday was Day 162

I found out about The national Holiday was after day 161. But before that I went For a trip to Nagoya. And for lunch had this normal ramen (noodle soup) at Sugakiya a ramen majored fast food chain I think. I tried for the first time.

Tha National Holiday was The Anniversary that Japan was made February 11th .... I asked it from my host family. But I hope I translated it right....
So today is a special day to celebrate and dinner was like this. I think it's safe to call it 'sushi rice'. It's made from sushi rice with 3 different toppings. By the way sushi rice is rice flavored in vinegar quite tasty. the toppings are strips of egg, strips of seaweed, strips of pink ginger (not sure what it was but it goes well with rice).

And there you have it

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