Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walking in Nagoya

Walking around in Nagoya. Walking from Fushimi station to Osu Kannon. Was my first walk around Fushimi and found a few interesting things. or so

Found This Interesting tree. "Tabu no ki" was written on the black sign. But I have no Idea what is "Tabu" couldn't find it from my dictionary.

I thought this might be the Allspark cube and touched it with my cell phone but nothing happened. It was just a giant cube left by the invisible giants around here. To see you need a Truesight gem

For people going about on a ride.It is kinda hard to cross a road normally with a bike. But Finally these overhead bridges are bike compatible.But only around here and only in Japan I think. Or do you also know of one elsewhere.

And it goes all the way. You can cross this 4-way road(is 4way road right) without breaking stress.

From which floor do you think I captured this?. Japanese subway is very deep...literally

Inside the subways I see all sorts of things but this is the first time I saw art. Was pretty

Window or wall decoration. Nice Idea I think. Forgot what the building was sorry. maybe an apartment...ah.

Building in action. But this is a bit different than previous building procedures I saw.

Big round Iron globe was being built in a near park there. Don't know what it is. didn't go for closer look

Small bikes that take less space. Space is a very important factor in Japan. The wider more space,or land things take the more pricier it becomes. But in this case it's the same even though it is small

I turned a corner and suddenly was at my destination Osu. This is the Shrine Osu Kannon near the shopping streets. There were monks chanting live inside.

When I was finished and going home I Saw a falling star!....Or so I thought

It was just 2 airplanes making fun of me. There are Airports near here so There are a lot of Planes flying around. some times even helicopters.



  1. That bike ramp on the bridge on the stairs is pretty neat, never seen it here (except for wheelchair ramps). Lets see, the subway floor looks like 2nd down? because we can see the light shining in. The tiny bike still taking the same space is pretty funny lol.

  2. Yup 2floors down. Bikes are also a main type of transportation here.

  3. (MMANIAC)

    ter duguinee uruuddag iumaar skateboardtai uruuldvalch........