Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No School today day 161

Today Is the New entry test day, where chyugakkou (middle school) students take the test to enter the school. Next school year starts from April 1st so there are a lot of chyugakkou students around giving tests.
koukou (highschool) 3rd graders (12th grade), and Chyugakkou (middle school) 3rd graders(9th grade) are the most busy I think with Juku (cram school) and stuff. Because koukou 3rd grade students will be studying hard to give the entrance exams for University's and college's.
And chyugakkou 3rd graders will be studying hard for the entrance exams of their preferred high school. It's a tough time of the year.

Also tomorrow there is no school because It is a National holiday.Not sure what holiday it is about but when I find out I will edit in this post.....nevermind I'm making a new quick post

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