Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mochi Nage (Rice cake throw)

I got word from a Hippo member who lives in a near city that there was going to be a Mochi Nage near there. It literally means "rice cake throw". I hears it is a Japanese ceremony that you do when you get newly wed and move in to a neighborhood. In the ceremony you call lots of people from your neighborhood and throw mochi (rice cake) or candy's from higher ground and the people will try to catch it. Not only weddings It's also usually done on special occasions or moments.This is a rare event so I'm lucky
.This time, This shrine has a 500 year record and A Famous leader from then once prayed here Oda Nobunaga .

That is the shrine that they will be THrowinG.....the mochi

And Those in white are the randomly selected mochi bomber-men. Their job is to throw mochi bombs at people.

The white stuff at the right of the picture is the ammo I think

And here is my competition. We mochi bomb collecters have to catch as many and diffuse them.

Tricky mochi bomber-men they started of with a mochi-flash bang.

It's war out there. Every one was elbowing, pushing, battle crying, People were more scarier than the incoming bombs. by the way the mochi bombs are pretty hard.

And here is my Deadliest catch. Not bad. One huge mochi and 3 small ones.

big one 500 points. little ones 50 points. 550 points total

save and rest


  1. Haha, that looks fun!! You should've got closer I think lol. That final cat shape is cute.

  2. yeah I got closer after the video and got my loot

  3. (MManiac)

    I wonder if any those big mochis landed on someone's head (evil face)

  4. I think they did, I heard that someone got hit in the head