Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kizumonogatari novel.

I was just doing a project from the teachers in the library at school. And there were a lot of new books displayed. But immediately this book caught my eyes. So I rented it. After coming home did a little research and found that this is a prologue novel. Of an anime series Bakemonogatari .
which I started to watch and is very interesting.

This is the outer cover. The picture is actually sticked on the box like that, looks good. The pink round sticker says 'big hit...anime project....'

This is the actual book cover. simple but has something that gets your attention...?.

No pictures because it is a light novel. Only has one illustration. This book is really hard to read, It does not have furiganas (little japanese letters beside kanjis for easy reading). And most of the kanjis are out of my database.

But with the help of my quad scanner I am able to read by painstakingly writing every kanji I dont know. But I really want to read it so I'm slowly going. And it is good practice and way to learn Japanese and kanji.
But Im not gonna make it until the return date.

Has any of you read the novel or finished the anime?
do you by any chance know the english translation on the spiderweb?.



  1. (MManiac)

    hmmm..... en japan hel chin iurun ih hetsuu hil ium shig baina daa, bich iurun hel surahdaa maruuhan shuu (bi spanisheen angi deer dandaa untaad hotsordog XP)

  2. thats an interesting piece of equipment there! japanese practice bolokhod goyo idea baina (khetsuu novel unshakh).