Monday, February 15, 2010

Hippo meeting in Nagoya

If you read my introduction post then you should know that I am a member of the hippo family club. Which in short is a family club for learning new languages, the fun way. This meeting is a high schooler and University student only meeting, This started from last month and is going to continue every month.

This girl introduced herself by showing her picture file and using 5 languages in.It includes Japanese, English, Korean, German, French. But its only introduction parts though, they can't speak that good But when they meet a foreigner they in someway understand and can communicate with them, and compared to someone like me they are good.

All of these people are either in high school or University (except the two French ladies). Last time there were more people though. But this time we had two french guests. In hippo you also get to meet and make friends with a lot of people around the world.I've met French, German, Denmark, African, Romanian,Malaysian..... and more people.

Sorry this Time I did'nt capture much photos. So I added this random shot captured going home.
will be sure to take more next time.

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