Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Highschool day In Japan day 163

Yup another high school day . Went out pretty normal no werewolves, no espers, no wizards *sigh*.

This was around the start of economics class, We had 3 hours of class today rest was meetings and preparations.....

P.E today. The warming up stage. Japanese high schools even have the same uniforms in P.E. But I'm guessing you guys already know this. 1st graders are green 2nd graders are blue and 3rd graders are red.

We've divided in to two. some to play basketball some to play table tennis upstairs. I got hit in the shoulder by a rogue basketball after 5 seconds of this shot. It neutralized my arm for 3 seconds.

In the back you can see the garls. they're doing their warm ups now. Normally the boys would do something outside on the field, but today the weather was against us attacking with furious aeros.

The 2nd floor.table tennis. setting up.

When I came back from the 2nd floor this invisible force field was set up.To separate the basket ball boys from the runner girls . But it had openings on the sides though. Also if you touch the decoy net it makes you itchy. can be cured with back scratch er.

I was not going to post this but since his face is not visible I thought it is okay. He is not K.O'd just poofed from basketball. I also take a breather at that place too, I like it nice and quiet in a way.

Playing basket ball. We used slowga on the enemy team. It's a battle field out there.

Lunch break.

So the meeting. All the 2nd graders (11th grade) are going off on a field trip. There are 3 choices 1. Go skiing 2. Go to Okinawa 3. Go to Singapore. Their all for 3 nights and 4 days. But of course these field trips vary from school to school.

I am not going because I was late for the reservations TT_TT . I really wanted to go though. Instead I'll be going to school normally and do projects from the teachers. *mumble* *mumble*

A tip to all future exchange students: Your school might have a field trip coming up soon (mine was in February). If you want to go then tell your teacher this "Shyugaku ryokou ikitai desu"(I want to go to field trip). Being an Exchange student I think you can go even if you are in a different grade. Shikashi=But, you will be most likely paying for your own fee. So you should also ask how much it is "Nedan wa ikura desuka?"=(How much is price?).

Don't end up like me.

High school day in Japan series starts from day 159


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