Saturday, February 13, 2010

Highschool day In Japan day 160

Second Entry. Again we start from lunch break.

Some of the girls helping a friend with make-up. I wonder if she has a date tonight.

Today's event worth mentioning is this all student meeting after lunch break. Everyone is gathering and settling down. There are also some youkai (spirits) around, they can only be seen digital-ized. By the way this is the Gym. And it has a stage in the back.

Something interesting about the Gym is, The main basket ball hoops retract like this. How are the gyms on your side?.
By the way for people who wants to tackle our Gym leader. His main pokemon is Lucario.

The meeting is about a parade we are having in the 16th. I will tell what it's about then.
The student council presenting. and students

The blured people were really running at the speed of sound. Thanks to my digital motion capturerer SL, I managed to slow them down a bit . So it's no

The Kanji's read from left. Shiritsu koukou (public high school), kuni (country), kouritsu koukou (public high school).

Most of the students are boys T_T. Because this school is powerful at sports. One of the kendo club member has high ranking in all Japan.

The Teachers walking around silencing anyone who is chanting.


And We will end with Cleaning. Again I got away from cleaning /grin.
or was lucky it wasn't my turn yet.. :P

this is how today went.
stay tuned

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