Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Highschool day In Japan day 159

Another school day in Japan. I'm thinking of doing this school day in Japan posts from now on. I'll be posting pictures I captured on normal schooldays showing you whats rockin here.
But don't get a Japanese high school impression based on these because High schools here really differ. There are many kinds of high schools strict, loose, big, small, etc...

And we start from lunch break.Lunch break in my school is 40 minutes .Some of my classmates playing mini soccer. I also joined a bit

And that is the ball. The little bugger's pretty hard to kick and block.

And in the classroom we have people talking, people playing card games, psp ,people restoring hp. people studying. And also foreign people taking pictures ~_~. It IS recess after all

This is the left side of the first picture.

Some times you find people taking a little nap. But most of them are half awake. I also get really sleepy sometimes. this is on recess though.
Do you sleep at school sometimes? or get sleepy? or sleepwalk?.?

Everyday at the end of class we do a mini homeroom time of about 3-10 minutes were the teacher tells some school news and stuff. We didn't have this in school where I'm from.

After mini homerooms over we clean up. And this is how it gets nice and clean. I captured this a little late though. Today wasn't my turn to sweep ^.^

And After school of course there is the school clubs. I well am not in any school clubs in particular at the moment. This time I visited the k-on club (light music club). But some of the members weren't here today. My school doesn't have a separate room for this so they share it with the normal music classroom.

Guitar... Nice guitar. There are also a bunch of electric pianos here and a grand piano too. I'll put a video playing the piano later

This is it for this day.


  1. Oh cool pictures, looks like a very interesting experience (I am jealous haha) Yeah I used to sleep in school, or atleast put my head down even when the teacher was talking. Now I try to pay more attention haha.

  2. Thanks, Back in my old school If you sleep during class and get caught you will be waked. If your unlucky you get waked by a book. hehe

  3. (MManiac)

    manai surguuld iim club baisanch boloosoi, teghiin bol bi neg drummern bolkui iu

  4. (MManiac)

    naana chin bas angi mangi deeree cart maart toglood baijeedag mongoltoi nileen tustei iumaa (brings back old memories)