Sunday, February 28, 2010

High school day in Japan day 172

It's almost March and spring is right around the corner. A bit late on my posts but oh well XP

Here is proof of the coming of spring pure newly growing 'Gaia'. I captured this one while going to school

Today Nothing special happened. Except Heavy but smooth rain. In P.E we ended up playing good ol ping pong in our suits.

Now if you look carefully you can see an eerie shape that tells the story of an unlucky lad that got pushed against the glass.... and an unattended bag.

So today we had Lots of rain.Different view of my school. My spot for capturing sky shots is... can you guess?.

The Rainy scenes in Anime's are confirmed.We had Ooame (heavy rain). So heavy Fog was made and vision got reduced. But it was a very soothing rain. Raining outside just a normal day and everything was so quiet and peaceful. It's these times that I think a lot about stuff.. It rained throughout the day morning to night.

The card game that they play all the time. Called Battle Masters that uses fancy gems ,the only card game I know is yu-gi-oh but no one plays it here T_T. I miss the game

Next weeks Monday we have the Graduation ceremony. And say our goodbyes to the 3rd graders (12th) who are graduating and Stepping out to Society. And this is just a sneak peak or practice of the actual ceremony.

The song that we are all going to sing Sakura no Ame (rain of sakura). Graduation an dramatic time...So until Monday I'll leave it at this.



  1. Hahahaha, poor guy-who-got-pressed-against-glass... his left over face residue are missing him! (/barf) Its pretty interesting how japanese school years end in march and start again in april... I don't think I can do highschool without summer break >.>

  2. P.S. Great rain picture, feels really silent hill-ish hehe. The sakura song is easy on the ears too. Also, you should learn the new card game and play lol.

  3. Oh yeah Silent hill....thats creepy.X_X. Yeah maybe I'll give the game a shot

  4. (MManiac)

    - im guessing you're on the blue roof(ish thing)

    - those card games reminds me of good ol times in back in hobby (haha, dandaa neg negniihaa cartiig avch zugtaigaal)