Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good sky shots from 4th floor of school

I always got to the 4th floor to check on good sky shots. Since here is fairly a country side the sky sometimes gets very soothingly beautiful. Great for writing novels or drawing if your a drawer or painter. Here are some of the Shots.

At around sunset with clouds. Love that orange color when the sun is setting. I don't remember what the big chimney is but maybe a factory. On the left side of the Horizon you can feel an amusement park, and the star 98metre tall roller coaster.
this was captured in January 14th

And here I captured this peculiar cloud from the 3rd floor. If you look carefully it is shaped as a heart. Could it be a message?.. from him/her to her/him?. or could it be a UFO in disguise and saying peace.? who knows...
January 8th

This day I got sad and depressed. Thus the heavens reflected my feelings.
January 21st

save and rest

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