Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good sky shots from 4th floor of school dai 2

More great sky's that I captured. Really need to upgrade my equipment though.
Was a very nice day just after some level 5 rain (out of 10)

After the storm truly things shine. Beautiful rays from Amaterasu .

This is the days Best shot. Why? you ask. Because It's pattern is unique for me. Its a first.

It just gives of a feeling I can't describe. What do you feel or think of this? O_o
by the way the building is the Gym. where Lucario resides

I Always like to look at things from a different perspective or view. It's like looking out of the box and finding that the snickers is outside the box not inside.
It gives you something new. If you look at this picture like this, it is total different. right? what do you see ?



  1. Love the downward picture! (also, the school looks pretty bland haha XD)