Sunday, February 14, 2010

Any requests, questions?. Ask here.

Do you have any requests on something you want to see here in japan or want to know? Any questions on being an exchange student in japan?. If you do Ask here. I'll see and do what I can.


  1. Hi!
    Am having fun reading yr interesting blog:)
    Btw,just curious- but is makeup on girls allowed in all Japanese schools? And the boys don't need to cut their hair short? I noticed some shoulder length hair on your classmates and was a little surprised.

  2. Hi, thanks for reading.

    I think the rules really differ from school to school. In this school make up for girls and long hair for boys are allowed. But in other high class schools they may not be allowed.

  3. can you please post english to japanese words?
    then how to use them.....

    onegai shimasu

  4. @Anonymous
    I can...but it may take a while because, I'm quite busy lately with school and stuff. And it would help if you could write the words you want to know in English first.