Sunday, February 28, 2010

High school day in Japan day 172

It's almost March and spring is right around the corner. A bit late on my posts but oh well XP

Here is proof of the coming of spring pure newly growing 'Gaia'. I captured this one while going to school

Today Nothing special happened. Except Heavy but smooth rain. In P.E we ended up playing good ol ping pong in our suits.

Now if you look carefully you can see an eerie shape that tells the story of an unlucky lad that got pushed against the glass.... and an unattended bag.

So today we had Lots of rain.Different view of my school. My spot for capturing sky shots is... can you guess?.

The Rainy scenes in Anime's are confirmed.We had Ooame (heavy rain). So heavy Fog was made and vision got reduced. But it was a very soothing rain. Raining outside just a normal day and everything was so quiet and peaceful. It's these times that I think a lot about stuff.. It rained throughout the day morning to night.

The card game that they play all the time. Called Battle Masters that uses fancy gems ,the only card game I know is yu-gi-oh but no one plays it here T_T. I miss the game

Next weeks Monday we have the Graduation ceremony. And say our goodbyes to the 3rd graders (12th) who are graduating and Stepping out to Society. And this is just a sneak peak or practice of the actual ceremony.

The song that we are all going to sing Sakura no Ame (rain of sakura). Graduation an dramatic time...So until Monday I'll leave it at this.


Japanese Language tips: Confusing words.

Me first tips on learning Japanese :D

I'm going to cover some non-formal, lesser known words this first time. For people studying overseas most likely you haven't learned these or even heard of them.
The words are:

Japanese language is a very difficult and tricky language to learn. And it gets more tricky to understand people when this word gets spoken.
If you look up this word from a dictionary it will say something like "risky, not good"
It is written in dictionary's BUT it also has lot's of other uses that are not written.
Yabai - Can Either mean something good or something bad. For example If Shamisen says:
"Ano ko no kami no ke wa *Yabai*" (That child's hairsyle is *Yabai*).
This could either mean 1. "That child's hairstyle is Awesome" or
2. "That child's hairstyle is Awful "
So in this case Yabai comes in as either Awesome or Awful, complete opposites. To Know in which meaning is Shamisen saying Yabai you Will have to read Shamisen's face.
Another example: "Aitsu Yabai" (He/She is *Yabai*) note* Aitsu=less respective form of he/she.
This can mean 1. "He/She is Cool/awesome/smart" or
2. "He/She is Loser/stupid/dangerous"...

There have been times when kids said to me "Yabai keeki tabetai" (*Yabai* want to eat cake)
I understood this the first time as (*Oh NO* want to eat cake).
And times when they say just *Yabai* out of the red.
My understanding of this word is that depending on the situation and user's expression it can almost mean anything .So to understand you just have to FeEL the Atmosphere... smell it.
I think young people mainly use this word. At least in high schools you'll hear it everywhere.
Ok "Tsugi" (Next)

This word is not tricky at all, but no teachers will teach this I think. I heard of this word only after coming in Japan.
If you look up this word from a dictionary It'll say something like "Absurd, unreasonable."
It also is used like the English equivalent "really, very", and the more known Japanese words "totemo, hontouni". Examples below:
"Kono pan tsukutta hito wa *Mechya* Jyouzu" (The guy who made this bread is *Really* good)
Some times *Kuchya* is added after *Mechya* and becomes *Mechya Kuchya* for more power. Like below
"Kono bosu wa *Mechya Kuchya* tsuyoi" (This boss is *Really Really* strong).
Another example "Kare wa *Mechya Kuchya* hayai" (He is *Extremely* fast).
So *Mechya Kuchya* just means "Really, and Very" . And is well used between young people especially students.

This word is not that difficult. Also heard for the first time after coming in Japan.
It wasn't listed in my dictionary.
It's English equivalent is "seriously?, really?,!" can be easily explained in Examples:
Shamisen said: "Watashi no namae wa Sumisu desu." (My name is Smith)
Koto said : "*Maji* de?. O_O " (*Seriously*O_O).
"*Maji* de?" is the shortened version of "*Maji* desuka?" always used in the shortened version though.
Maji also can be used like below
"Sore *Maji* kowai". (That's *REALLY* scary)

And this is it for now.

Hope this is useful and helps.
All of these information is based on my experience of being an exchange student here.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walking in Nagoya

Walking around in Nagoya. Walking from Fushimi station to Osu Kannon. Was my first walk around Fushimi and found a few interesting things. or so

Found This Interesting tree. "Tabu no ki" was written on the black sign. But I have no Idea what is "Tabu" couldn't find it from my dictionary.

I thought this might be the Allspark cube and touched it with my cell phone but nothing happened. It was just a giant cube left by the invisible giants around here. To see you need a Truesight gem

For people going about on a ride.It is kinda hard to cross a road normally with a bike. But Finally these overhead bridges are bike compatible.But only around here and only in Japan I think. Or do you also know of one elsewhere.

And it goes all the way. You can cross this 4-way road(is 4way road right) without breaking stress.

From which floor do you think I captured this?. Japanese subway is very deep...literally

Inside the subways I see all sorts of things but this is the first time I saw art. Was pretty

Window or wall decoration. Nice Idea I think. Forgot what the building was sorry. maybe an apartment...ah.

Building in action. But this is a bit different than previous building procedures I saw.

Big round Iron globe was being built in a near park there. Don't know what it is. didn't go for closer look

Small bikes that take less space. Space is a very important factor in Japan. The wider more space,or land things take the more pricier it becomes. But in this case it's the same even though it is small

I turned a corner and suddenly was at my destination Osu. This is the Shrine Osu Kannon near the shopping streets. There were monks chanting live inside.

When I was finished and going home I Saw a falling star!....Or so I thought

It was just 2 airplanes making fun of me. There are Airports near here so There are a lot of Planes flying around. some times even helicopters.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mochi Nage (Rice cake throw)

I got word from a Hippo member who lives in a near city that there was going to be a Mochi Nage near there. It literally means "rice cake throw". I hears it is a Japanese ceremony that you do when you get newly wed and move in to a neighborhood. In the ceremony you call lots of people from your neighborhood and throw mochi (rice cake) or candy's from higher ground and the people will try to catch it. Not only weddings It's also usually done on special occasions or moments.This is a rare event so I'm lucky
.This time, This shrine has a 500 year record and A Famous leader from then once prayed here Oda Nobunaga .

That is the shrine that they will be THrowinG.....the mochi

And Those in white are the randomly selected mochi bomber-men. Their job is to throw mochi bombs at people.

The white stuff at the right of the picture is the ammo I think

And here is my competition. We mochi bomb collecters have to catch as many and diffuse them.

Tricky mochi bomber-men they started of with a mochi-flash bang.

It's war out there. Every one was elbowing, pushing, battle crying, People were more scarier than the incoming bombs. by the way the mochi bombs are pretty hard.

And here is my Deadliest catch. Not bad. One huge mochi and 3 small ones.

big one 500 points. little ones 50 points. 550 points total

save and rest

Monday, February 22, 2010

TV channel mascot character in Japan

I think Almost Every company in Japan has a mascot character. I've seen mascots from stores, car dealers, drug stores and now TV channels. But mascots are a good Idea of Advertisement if its well created.

Nagoya Channel 6 Me~tere's macot character Wolfy. Very cute hiding in that sheep coat. but also kinda scary.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good sky shots from 4th floor of school dai 2

More great sky's that I captured. Really need to upgrade my equipment though.
Was a very nice day just after some level 5 rain (out of 10)

After the storm truly things shine. Beautiful rays from Amaterasu .

This is the days Best shot. Why? you ask. Because It's pattern is unique for me. Its a first.

It just gives of a feeling I can't describe. What do you feel or think of this? O_o
by the way the building is the Gym. where Lucario resides

I Always like to look at things from a different perspective or view. It's like looking out of the box and finding that the snickers is outside the box not inside.
It gives you something new. If you look at this picture like this, it is total different. right? what do you see ?


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kizumonogatari novel.

I was just doing a project from the teachers in the library at school. And there were a lot of new books displayed. But immediately this book caught my eyes. So I rented it. After coming home did a little research and found that this is a prologue novel. Of an anime series Bakemonogatari .
which I started to watch and is very interesting.

This is the outer cover. The picture is actually sticked on the box like that, looks good. The pink round sticker says 'big hit...anime project....'

This is the actual book cover. simple but has something that gets your attention...?.

No pictures because it is a light novel. Only has one illustration. This book is really hard to read, It does not have furiganas (little japanese letters beside kanjis for easy reading). And most of the kanjis are out of my database.

But with the help of my quad scanner I am able to read by painstakingly writing every kanji I dont know. But I really want to read it so I'm slowly going. And it is good practice and way to learn Japanese and kanji.
But Im not gonna make it until the return date.

Has any of you read the novel or finished the anime?
do you by any chance know the english translation on the spiderweb?.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Highschool day In Japan day 163

Yup another high school day . Went out pretty normal no werewolves, no espers, no wizards *sigh*.

This was around the start of economics class, We had 3 hours of class today rest was meetings and preparations.....

P.E today. The warming up stage. Japanese high schools even have the same uniforms in P.E. But I'm guessing you guys already know this. 1st graders are green 2nd graders are blue and 3rd graders are red.

We've divided in to two. some to play basketball some to play table tennis upstairs. I got hit in the shoulder by a rogue basketball after 5 seconds of this shot. It neutralized my arm for 3 seconds.

In the back you can see the garls. they're doing their warm ups now. Normally the boys would do something outside on the field, but today the weather was against us attacking with furious aeros.

The 2nd floor.table tennis. setting up.

When I came back from the 2nd floor this invisible force field was set up.To separate the basket ball boys from the runner girls . But it had openings on the sides though. Also if you touch the decoy net it makes you itchy. can be cured with back scratch er.

I was not going to post this but since his face is not visible I thought it is okay. He is not K.O'd just poofed from basketball. I also take a breather at that place too, I like it nice and quiet in a way.

Playing basket ball. We used slowga on the enemy team. It's a battle field out there.

Lunch break.

So the meeting. All the 2nd graders (11th grade) are going off on a field trip. There are 3 choices 1. Go skiing 2. Go to Okinawa 3. Go to Singapore. Their all for 3 nights and 4 days. But of course these field trips vary from school to school.

I am not going because I was late for the reservations TT_TT . I really wanted to go though. Instead I'll be going to school normally and do projects from the teachers. *mumble* *mumble*

A tip to all future exchange students: Your school might have a field trip coming up soon (mine was in February). If you want to go then tell your teacher this "Shyugaku ryokou ikitai desu"(I want to go to field trip). Being an Exchange student I think you can go even if you are in a different grade. Shikashi=But, you will be most likely paying for your own fee. So you should also ask how much it is "Nedan wa ikura desuka?"=(How much is price?).

Don't end up like me.

High school day in Japan series starts from day 159


Monday, February 15, 2010

Hippo meeting in Nagoya

If you read my introduction post then you should know that I am a member of the hippo family club. Which in short is a family club for learning new languages, the fun way. This meeting is a high schooler and University student only meeting, This started from last month and is going to continue every month.

This girl introduced herself by showing her picture file and using 5 languages in.It includes Japanese, English, Korean, German, French. But its only introduction parts though, they can't speak that good But when they meet a foreigner they in someway understand and can communicate with them, and compared to someone like me they are good.

All of these people are either in high school or University (except the two French ladies). Last time there were more people though. But this time we had two french guests. In hippo you also get to meet and make friends with a lot of people around the world.I've met French, German, Denmark, African, Romanian,Malaysian..... and more people.

Sorry this Time I did'nt capture much photos. So I added this random shot captured going home.
will be sure to take more next time.