Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Table manner lessons, school event day-133

This time Our school had this Table manner program for the 3 graders(the last graduating class) giving the skill to eat like aristocrats to young greenhorns that are about to engage in society means that they have a chance to impress their bosses when having dinner together ^-^. so it's a good Idea

We went to a Hotel located in Maru no uchi near Nagoya for the lesson.

This is how we settled. There is another full room next to this room. Don't mind my friend yawning over there ^~^

The man with the microphone is the one who was teaching us Table manners. Talked about how to use the forks, knives, how to put them on your plate etc..etc.

O_O Our first meal was this salmon salad. yup very small nowhere near my standard size. The salmon was raw and the sauces were sour, but tasted good.

This is what the table was like. Inside the tin pots is butter. there were 3 forks 3 knives and one spoon. On every dish you use new utensils that are slightly different in size. On the right hand side was the knives and on the left hand size was the forks, meaning use forks with left hand and knives with right hand.

When your finished you wait for your next dish. If you finished earlier than the others then you have to wait for them. So it's a manner to time your eating. Took a few photos while waiting. "surprise attack coming from your 9'o'clock!".

The girls sitting near.

Here' s a look at our course menu. 1-Salmon salad, 2-Tomato cream soup(tasty), 3-Seafood appetizer, 4-Main dish which is steak fille, 5-Dessert then coffee. We had some waiting time between all the dishes.

And finally our next dish is coming.

Which is the main dish sorry folks forgot to capture pictures of the soup and appetizer I remembered after I ate them. The pincer she is using is actually a separate fork and spoon.

And here is our main dish. the main calories, which is very small to me(this is why fancy foods aren't my kind). The right way of eating is cutting from left to right and cutting in small sizes that fit your mouth and easy to chew.

Again captured a few random pictures while waiting. There is quite a story behind the V sign which you can jump here to see.

It's his best V sign hehe.

This here fella was the least mannered despite his looks. always the first one to finish, and drip food on his trousers.

Finally the dessert came. A kind of cheese rollcake. You also eat this from left to right. I quickly consumed the strawberry first. After a few minutes the coffee also came so you can enjoy it with the coffee.

That's how it went. You should eat and enjoy yourself they said but, personally I can't really enjoy eating this way.

save and sleep.


  1. Looks tasty,
    Pictures made me somewhat hungry. ^^;

  2. yup it was tasty hehe. but tasty things are always small... <.<

  3. mergen baina aa hu