Monday, January 4, 2010

Shrine of White Horse

On January 2nd went to a more bigger jinjya (japanese shrine). This shrine was built on a side of a mountain so it's a bit levitated. Forgot to capture pictures of somethings but generally it was like this...

This shrine's god is a White horse. Gods differ from shrine to shrine I think. And the God of this shrine was in person to protect us. Was a cute horse. And there's also a ceremony in summer were a young man selected from the city will get to ride the horse and climb a small mountain and wishes good fortune and crops for the whole city.

People buy sliced carrots and throw them in that box to feed it and get blessed.Lucky God horse.

Going up to the main shrine and there's lot's of people. notice the forest ^.^

While going up there was a nano waterfall, water coming from down the mountain. I think it's fresh.

Part of the shrine and these scenes look very familiar I think I saw them in movies and animes

That's where they toss coins and pray. I forgot to capture a close up hehe.

Interestingly although it is winter here there was this sakura tree blooming, and no petals. I wonder what tengu's living in this forest . This was the first time I saw a sakura up close.

And I tried to capture a pro photo, This is the best I could capture of this rare item.

Here people are buying Ema. Wooden tablets that people would write their wishes and desires also cute drawings.

And then they would hang them like this. You can read freely what people wrote. If there are any angel's among you, you have your work cut out.

Here They have the Hamaya's which are white arrows to ward off all the evil Hollows and bad Luck.

Before leaving captured this 'something' sorry forgot what it's called 
(If I came here at night it might have a soul floating around it, so I think hehe). Or something more interesting.

Well that's it for this round.
Save and quit....

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