Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year January first

Twas January 1st Dawn. Operation "Shout at the Years first Sunrise" commenced at 6:30 A.M. But we Got slapped by Luck. The Sunrise was covered by clouds as you can see, It was supposed to come out from the middle of the horizon.

Mission failed, back to HQ

  But before I captured this interesting cloud.

After the disappointment we settled watching it on the Tvision. It was really beautiful when the sun was rising up on Mt.Fuji. They compared it to a diamond. Strangely it exactly made 6 rays and a faint green circle. Wished I could jump there. sadly i have'nt learned the skill yet.

After watching settled for some New Year special Lunch. Made a toast with sake-power up , but I toasted with green tea(restores 10hp)

After lunch went to a local shrine to pray. Almost all Japanese shrines have these gates called "tori". Entering through these is the right way. I really like these gates.

And the small shrine..or temple..?. People through in coins to a box inside and pray.You can see the Old couple about to pray near the statues. Also notice the snow ^_^.

Near there was this hole And burning wood. People were coming and throwing in old charms, Hamaya and letters from the past year. Kind of throwing all unneeded pasts and renewing yourself. I threw in my old plan to build a tesla coil which I never managed to make. XP

Last we went to a Graveyard to pay our respects.

Dinner was crab legs and soup. Was my first time eating a crab(蟹)=kani. So was a bit hard eating it The shell was really hard even when boiled. It did'nt have any strong tastes , tasted sweet no fishy tastes at all.
Caution:When breaking the pincer arm there is a chance of getting pinched-20 damage

and that was it for today.
Save and rest.....

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