Saturday, January 2, 2010

Japanese New Year food

This was in 2009.12.31 We made these New Year special foods called "Osechi". In Japan you make these before the New Year and start to eat them on New years(January 1st). We made these and I also helped out in a few things.Was a very windy cold day.

My first given task was to punch flower shapes in these....carrots. big slices get big punch and small slices get small punch. My palm also ended up getting a circle punch.

Next up was the armor peeling of shrimps. This was the hardest part, because it was my first time touching a shrimp in this form, and they were very slippery.I first had to snip their back legs and then peel of their hard shells gah. They said that these were living and moving until yesterday, so this is what they call fresh. How many have you touched shrimp in this form ?_?.

After fresh shrimps is making egg rolls I always wanted to learn how to make these because they taste good. It was pretty easy except the frying part which is a little tricky. Basically you spice up raw eggs> mix>and fry

And here is what I created Think I did pretty good eh?^_^. about 4cm tall,5cm width and 15 cm long it restores 200hp .It looks like a roll cake.The rolled bamboo in the back also holds an egg roll, you do it to keep its shape.

I took things seriously after this.

And Made these...ok kidding. But it looks like this. Everything in this picture are vegetables sliced artistically .

It doesn't end when they make the food.Now they arrange all the foods in the traditional wooden bento box.They arrange it very seriously the Japanese make-things-near-to-perfection spirit also resides in cooking.

This one's hasn't finished yet.But still looks nice.

And heres a finished one. It has Salmon, mushrooms, shrimp and small oranges I forgot the other ones sorry. As you can see the effort put in to it, Everything is handmade they even ribbon tied the salmon with seaweed(middle lowest). One does not simply cook in Japan.

This food is only made for New years day. Or any other special occasions equivalent of New year

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