Saturday, January 2, 2010

Introduction (about me)

My real name is very long and hard to pronounce so just refer to me as "Munkh" (this may change in the future though).
Born in Mongolia. Was a High school-Student in Mongolia but my interests transferred me to Japan and now I'm an Exchange Student(exchange student) here :D. Going to High school and staying for roughly a year (2009-2010).

I'm going to be blogging about my Exchange student events here and about Japan through a high schooler point of view.And other random stuff hehe. I'm actually starting this blog very late. I've been here for about 5 months now I wanted to start from the beginning but at that time didn't have access to a pc and internet because of my host family.But Ok now. So I'll fill up some of the previous stuff on the way.

I'm also an elite member of the Hippo family club here. It's Hippo family club that hired me and made it possible to get here in japan

How I got here in Japan(Detailed):
Well First I was actually really interested in America wanted to go and live there because at the time my brother was going to college there. And It looked much more fun than Mongolia. At that time didn't know much about Japan. Later got the chance to go and visit my brother, It was really interesting to me almost everything was different and new, loved toys'r'us. With my mom we visited my brother in summer sometimes and I would always buy Gundam models which is one of my first connections to Japan. From here there's more but it will get long, If anyone wants to know more I will add if you jump.
Fast forward, It all got serious in 2008 april I think XP. I got powerfully pulled to Japan and I wanted to go there fast. So I immediately consulted with my mother and found a company that does exchange-student programs. Then transferred to a new high school which teaches Japanese language(in mongolia school starts in september) and started learning Japanese from the beginning. 2009 september stepped foot in japan and laughed WAA~HAHAHA~.
Well that's how I got here in a short saga.

my equipment:
Aiptek something HD camera-which is not HD!. It's very weak so captured images are not good.
sorry. <.> any sponsors out there for a camera ^_^

Those who don't know Mongolia >general report I
more info of Hippo family club > general report II

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