Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 131 went to a friends house to play ps3

Was a very beautiful day today so thought I went to a friends house to play some Playstation3.I haven't played it for about an year now.

But first Let's start off with a healthy lunch. This is what we had. My family always eats healthy food So I'm eating a lot of vegetables, fish, fruits and soup. Forgot to ask what the fish is called, the vegetables is actually  Udon(japanese thick wheat-flour noodles). The yellow stuff is bit's'n'pieces of yuzu(a type of orange). And Onigiri Japanese rice ball. The name "Onigiri" comes from the Japanese word "Nigiri" which means squeeze or grip tight, so It's a way.

Told you was a beautiful day but chilly winds. I am in a fairly country-side place so there are always good views of the sky. There are even rice fields here. And wild birds that sometimes bomb on you.

My friends house was a Mansion or a Flat in the west(flats in japan are called manshyon).
It was on the 5 th floor had a nice view So I had to capture the time.

The room we played. Since it's a mansion was a bit small. In Japan The more space The more expensive houses mansions apartments become.

Played Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2. But didn't play that long because something else called upon me. And besides he was killing me with a knife no fun in that -_-. Other Modern warfare players who want to play with him Here is his PlayStaionNetwork Id: bakudan_na-2
(get my revenge)

I played it. He had just rented it from his friend. Was really awesome, but battle style was a little strange. But I like. Graphics Gr-r-r-eat.

Again couldn't resist capturing.

Pirates of the carribean goods.

That concludes my gaming day.

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