Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day-130 school graduation concert

We were invited to a music orientated High schools graduation concert, were some of the high level students going to graduate performed, including a friend from our hippo club.
Took a bunch of videos and every one was very skilled.

First off are the Electronic organ players. first time Hearing an electronic organ and was really amazed. Had no Idea electronic organs produced so many for yourself.

Really it's like a one girl symphony. You also use your legs, So Imagine playing with all four limbs. ~_~

I personally like organs, but electric organs are also very interesting

Of course There are Violinists. I also like Violins do you?.

The opera singing was also amazing. Again everyone was amazing. She is our friend from Hippo.
There were more instruments (flute, ) but I'll leave it at here

Being able to play some kind of musical instrument or sing is a very nice plus side to anyone. Even if you're not a music major you can still learn and play it during some free time.Playing a music, you like yourself on an instrument is one of the best feelings one can feel. I really regret quitting piano when I was young. So people think twice before quitting an instrument or anything actually.


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