Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day-128 To Gifu and back

Today went for a road trip with colleagues from hippo. We went to Gifu prefecture.

Weather was really nice....looking but was really cold with gusts of wind that armor pierce.

Went on the highway here for the first time. Was a smooth ride It was really refreshing in a way.Our car was one of them big family cars so I had decent leg space. I would like to go to Tokyo by car someday.

For those who get lost in toilets xp. Monitor showing a map

Found this strange egg not sure what it is but there is written "Tenshi no tamago" or "Angel's egg".

Tried poster playing as kimupii the kimchi. Was a tight fit..

These blokes were so used to being fed by humans that they come up and open their mouthes. you can easily touch and fishnap them

At this point I am riding on a ferris wheel. Interesting architecture, the building was something related to animals and nature. Before riding we had an option to choose a theme to go in our cabin. there were 4 to choose from and we chose the horror theme.

Highway turns are big.

Getting some pictures from around the top.Best I could capture with my camera.

Japan has a graceful combination of metropolitan cities to country sides like this(still has mcdonalds), and to major country sides like villages which I have'nt seen yet. reminds me of my home country.
note we are up in the tallest part. and around here there were a lot of screaming and weepy noises going around. bah humbug.

Found this maze outside. ku-ku-ku now I'll easily win this maze.

After the ferris ride met this Grecian It reads your palm and gives some kind of fortune. strange looking fella

Let's have a go. put in 100 yen and let it lick your palm for a while and fortune comes out..thats what it should have done...

But it bit me instead of licking. Blasted things... well the fortune outcome was 54.1% accurate.
*no hands were hurt*

Whilst going back had Lunch at the service areas. Vending machines to get your order. Money in and food ticket comes out.

The food in Japan tastes great but doesn't fill me up so usually choose the one with highest calories and this was it. 1493 calories Katsu curry, and croquet
Beware of the yellow mustard thing, which is Japanese version of mustard I think (Nerikarashi). Never eat that much in one go you will literally scream.

While going back we were a bit late so I had to press the RED button. imagine MIB

Had a short stop at a friends house who has a passion for cats. cat#1 I like cats & dogs.

The youngest, they were really big cat's, They all had their claws trimmed,  I kinda like it when they climb up your clothe and sit on your shoulder. cat#2

the oldest and grumpy .cat#3

cat's #4,5,6,7,8,9,10

She was also a fan of Totoro. love the cat bus

Cute things all over the place. A very comfortable looking home.

cat# 11 the naughty one. and only one with claws

cat#12 the curious one.

Question: How many cats were there?.

This is it for this time.
save and quit.

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