Monday, January 18, 2010

Creative time at school day-138

Today is a Friday. And on every friday we have 2 hours of `Creative time`from now referred to as 'CT'. You can choose from a number of things including Dance, shougi (Japanese type of chess but with different rules), literature, cooking, a few sports, movie making...etc etc. I chose movie making. Today we went to a nearby park and took only pictures of the whole gang. Because there are a few graduating students.

Our teacher went for a slide before taking pictures. I like these kind of fun Teachers. ^_^

Next to slide is he. But I had a bad feeling about it. He also had a bad feeling and backed off a bit, but was brainwashed by the team skill "cheering voice".

When he came to his senses he was in a tight spot. But luckily our comrade was there to give him a push


Next up are these two I bet you can't make heads or tails. XP

Needed some push from comrades on the way

By now the photo taking had started and I asked the other teacher to take photos with my camera. somethings going to hurt.

And it did hurt. We were just posing in random poses and the cameraman was just taking photos continuously. (nothing was really hurt)

Was really fun posing random for the photos. The teacher has some good timing on capturing pictures.

There are only two girls in this CT course. It's mainly because that most of them are shy...well at least shy when it comes to videos and pictures it's a bit hard to take pictures of the girls here. sometimes it feels like the people who are not shy here are considered weird. But it's just a false feeling.

My camera has about 2 seconds of delay when capturing so timing some pictures are really hard and annoying.But in this case this timing is good~_~ .I really need to change this camera.

Photo showing the cameraman and we.

After the when the main photos were taken. we messed around. we were doing some male modeling.


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