Monday, January 18, 2010

Creative time at school day-138

Today is a Friday. And on every friday we have 2 hours of `Creative time`from now referred to as 'CT'. You can choose from a number of things including Dance, shougi (Japanese type of chess but with different rules), literature, cooking, a few sports, movie making...etc etc. I chose movie making. Today we went to a nearby park and took only pictures of the whole gang. Because there are a few graduating students.

Our teacher went for a slide before taking pictures. I like these kind of fun Teachers. ^_^

Next to slide is he. But I had a bad feeling about it. He also had a bad feeling and backed off a bit, but was brainwashed by the team skill "cheering voice".

When he came to his senses he was in a tight spot. But luckily our comrade was there to give him a push


Next up are these two I bet you can't make heads or tails. XP

Needed some push from comrades on the way

By now the photo taking had started and I asked the other teacher to take photos with my camera. somethings going to hurt.

And it did hurt. We were just posing in random poses and the cameraman was just taking photos continuously. (nothing was really hurt)

Was really fun posing random for the photos. The teacher has some good timing on capturing pictures.

There are only two girls in this CT course. It's mainly because that most of them are shy...well at least shy when it comes to videos and pictures it's a bit hard to take pictures of the girls here. sometimes it feels like the people who are not shy here are considered weird. But it's just a false feeling.

My camera has about 2 seconds of delay when capturing so timing some pictures are really hard and annoying.But in this case this timing is good~_~ .I really need to change this camera.

Photo showing the cameraman and we.

After the when the main photos were taken. we messed around. we were doing some male modeling.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Table manner lessons, school event day-133

This time Our school had this Table manner program for the 3 graders(the last graduating class) giving the skill to eat like aristocrats to young greenhorns that are about to engage in society means that they have a chance to impress their bosses when having dinner together ^-^. so it's a good Idea

We went to a Hotel located in Maru no uchi near Nagoya for the lesson.

This is how we settled. There is another full room next to this room. Don't mind my friend yawning over there ^~^

The man with the microphone is the one who was teaching us Table manners. Talked about how to use the forks, knives, how to put them on your plate etc..etc.

O_O Our first meal was this salmon salad. yup very small nowhere near my standard size. The salmon was raw and the sauces were sour, but tasted good.

This is what the table was like. Inside the tin pots is butter. there were 3 forks 3 knives and one spoon. On every dish you use new utensils that are slightly different in size. On the right hand side was the knives and on the left hand size was the forks, meaning use forks with left hand and knives with right hand.

When your finished you wait for your next dish. If you finished earlier than the others then you have to wait for them. So it's a manner to time your eating. Took a few photos while waiting. "surprise attack coming from your 9'o'clock!".

The girls sitting near.

Here' s a look at our course menu. 1-Salmon salad, 2-Tomato cream soup(tasty), 3-Seafood appetizer, 4-Main dish which is steak fille, 5-Dessert then coffee. We had some waiting time between all the dishes.

And finally our next dish is coming.

Which is the main dish sorry folks forgot to capture pictures of the soup and appetizer I remembered after I ate them. The pincer she is using is actually a separate fork and spoon.

And here is our main dish. the main calories, which is very small to me(this is why fancy foods aren't my kind). The right way of eating is cutting from left to right and cutting in small sizes that fit your mouth and easy to chew.

Again captured a few random pictures while waiting. There is quite a story behind the V sign which you can jump here to see.

It's his best V sign hehe.

This here fella was the least mannered despite his looks. always the first one to finish, and drip food on his trousers.

Finally the dessert came. A kind of cheese rollcake. You also eat this from left to right. I quickly consumed the strawberry first. After a few minutes the coffee also came so you can enjoy it with the coffee.

That's how it went. You should eat and enjoy yourself they said but, personally I can't really enjoy eating this way.

save and sleep.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Awesome Gundam display Day132

Found this awesome Gundam display in Tokyu hands. First time seeing zaku being slashed in half in 3D

And you can see in this close up the realism, and the artisans joy and feeling.
I really like Tokyu hands always have something interesting. Be sure to have a look everyone.

I thought I'd add some random Gundam stuff. Found this interesting picture showing some evolutions of Double 00.

Gundam's eye view from inside the cockpit. All systems go. LAUNCH


Monday, January 11, 2010

Karakuri Ningyou. Japanese mechanical doll/robots

Karakuri Ningyo dolls or puppets are Japanese mechanical dolls from the 18th to 19th century that do a number of amazing acts ranging from serving teas to writing calligraphy.The precision actions of these tiny dolls are what makes them amazing and it's still in the 18th century. Here's some links to they're action below
Calligraphy Karakuri Ningyo: jump
Arrow shooting Karakuri Ningyo: Jump
Tea serving Karakuri Ningyo: Jump
Karakuri comercial: jump

The man featured on video 1 is Tanaka Hisashige who is a gifted Engineer and inventor.He lived in the 18th century and was one of the main karakuri makers.He is also the Ancestor of what is now Toshiba corporation. Besides karakuri dolls he also built Myriad year clock in 1851.And Japans first Steam locomotives and warships.
No wonder Japan is superior in electronics they were having fun with these in that time and age.
I think In just a Few years Gundams will become a normal sight.

Day 131 went to a friends house to play ps3

Was a very beautiful day today so thought I went to a friends house to play some Playstation3.I haven't played it for about an year now.

But first Let's start off with a healthy lunch. This is what we had. My family always eats healthy food So I'm eating a lot of vegetables, fish, fruits and soup. Forgot to ask what the fish is called, the vegetables is actually  Udon(japanese thick wheat-flour noodles). The yellow stuff is bit's'n'pieces of yuzu(a type of orange). And Onigiri Japanese rice ball. The name "Onigiri" comes from the Japanese word "Nigiri" which means squeeze or grip tight, so It's a way.

Told you was a beautiful day but chilly winds. I am in a fairly country-side place so there are always good views of the sky. There are even rice fields here. And wild birds that sometimes bomb on you.

My friends house was a Mansion or a Flat in the west(flats in japan are called manshyon).
It was on the 5 th floor had a nice view So I had to capture the time.

The room we played. Since it's a mansion was a bit small. In Japan The more space The more expensive houses mansions apartments become.

Played Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2. But didn't play that long because something else called upon me. And besides he was killing me with a knife no fun in that -_-. Other Modern warfare players who want to play with him Here is his PlayStaionNetwork Id: bakudan_na-2
(get my revenge)

I played it. He had just rented it from his friend. Was really awesome, but battle style was a little strange. But I like. Graphics Gr-r-r-eat.

Again couldn't resist capturing.

Pirates of the carribean goods.

That concludes my gaming day.

save .

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day-130 school graduation concert

We were invited to a music orientated High schools graduation concert, were some of the high level students going to graduate performed, including a friend from our hippo club.
Took a bunch of videos and every one was very skilled.

First off are the Electronic organ players. first time Hearing an electronic organ and was really amazed. Had no Idea electronic organs produced so many for yourself.

Really it's like a one girl symphony. You also use your legs, So Imagine playing with all four limbs. ~_~

I personally like organs, but electric organs are also very interesting

Of course There are Violinists. I also like Violins do you?.

The opera singing was also amazing. Again everyone was amazing. She is our friend from Hippo.
There were more instruments (flute, ) but I'll leave it at here

Being able to play some kind of musical instrument or sing is a very nice plus side to anyone. Even if you're not a music major you can still learn and play it during some free time.Playing a music, you like yourself on an instrument is one of the best feelings one can feel. I really regret quitting piano when I was young. So people think twice before quitting an instrument or anything actually.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Vending machine which allows you to look inside

Again In the trip to Gifu prefecture. We found this vending machine which lets you look at the making of your cuppa cocoa mocha...for scientific purposes of course. It has a camera inside you, can view it on the LCD in the middle.

And this is how Midas's vending machine turns your paper to drinks.
The vending machines in Japan cease to amaze and to make you buy more.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Talking vending machine

While on the trip to Gifu. Was introduced to a Vending machine which can talk.Was a nice fella, Properly introduced itself as a Decepticon.

The Big white one talks. They're friends from our hippo club. Who introduced me to the vending machine.

It was pushing us by saying, "How about some warm drinks", "would you buy a warm drink". Then "Thanks dude" , Don't forget your change". It was talking with a Nagoya accent.
You can also mini fish with it. If your luck manages to snatch one then you get one more drink free.

Japans vending machines are cool. they always surprise you

Day-128 To Gifu and back

Today went for a road trip with colleagues from hippo. We went to Gifu prefecture.

Weather was really nice....looking but was really cold with gusts of wind that armor pierce.

Went on the highway here for the first time. Was a smooth ride It was really refreshing in a way.Our car was one of them big family cars so I had decent leg space. I would like to go to Tokyo by car someday.

For those who get lost in toilets xp. Monitor showing a map

Found this strange egg not sure what it is but there is written "Tenshi no tamago" or "Angel's egg".

Tried poster playing as kimupii the kimchi. Was a tight fit..

These blokes were so used to being fed by humans that they come up and open their mouthes. you can easily touch and fishnap them

At this point I am riding on a ferris wheel. Interesting architecture, the building was something related to animals and nature. Before riding we had an option to choose a theme to go in our cabin. there were 4 to choose from and we chose the horror theme.

Highway turns are big.

Getting some pictures from around the top.Best I could capture with my camera.

Japan has a graceful combination of metropolitan cities to country sides like this(still has mcdonalds), and to major country sides like villages which I have'nt seen yet. reminds me of my home country.
note we are up in the tallest part. and around here there were a lot of screaming and weepy noises going around. bah humbug.

Found this maze outside. ku-ku-ku now I'll easily win this maze.

After the ferris ride met this Grecian It reads your palm and gives some kind of fortune. strange looking fella

Let's have a go. put in 100 yen and let it lick your palm for a while and fortune comes out..thats what it should have done...

But it bit me instead of licking. Blasted things... well the fortune outcome was 54.1% accurate.
*no hands were hurt*

Whilst going back had Lunch at the service areas. Vending machines to get your order. Money in and food ticket comes out.

The food in Japan tastes great but doesn't fill me up so usually choose the one with highest calories and this was it. 1493 calories Katsu curry, and croquet
Beware of the yellow mustard thing, which is Japanese version of mustard I think (Nerikarashi). Never eat that much in one go you will literally scream.

While going back we were a bit late so I had to press the RED button. imagine MIB

Had a short stop at a friends house who has a passion for cats. cat#1 I like cats & dogs.

The youngest, they were really big cat's, They all had their claws trimmed,  I kinda like it when they climb up your clothe and sit on your shoulder. cat#2

the oldest and grumpy .cat#3

cat's #4,5,6,7,8,9,10

She was also a fan of Totoro. love the cat bus

Cute things all over the place. A very comfortable looking home.

cat# 11 the naughty one. and only one with claws

cat#12 the curious one.

Question: How many cats were there?.

This is it for this time.
save and quit.